EU Firearms directive – IMCO vote 13 July, 2016

Please click on this link  to view the Press Release from our Chairman, Stephen Petroni, concerning the recent vote by the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO).

Overview of EC proposals to amend firearms directive

On 18 November 2015 the European Commission published a proposal to amend the 1991 Firearms Directive (91/477/EEC) which was last revised in 2008 (2008/51/EC). Although this came in the wake of the Paris terrorist...

URGENT – Act now!

Colleagues, we are facing an unprecedented attack on collecting and the preservation of a significant element of our European Heritage. The two links hereunder, are firstly, the agreed FESAC position paper (in .pdf format)....

Swedish contact information update

Please note that the contact details for colleagues in Sweden have changed. Refer to the Swedish member page for details.

Swedish link to Militaria events

Colleagues in Sweden have kindly shared a link to a list of militaria / collectors fairs and events which are taking place throughout the Scandinavian region and further afield, too. It is understood that...