VNW – Vereniging Nederlandse Wapenverzamelaars

The ‘Vereniging van Nederlandse Wapenverzamelaars’ (‘VNW’ for short) is internationally known as the Dutch Arms and Armour Collectors’ Society. Its main goals are the stimulation of arms collecting in The Netherlands and the improving the mutual contact between arms collectors.

These goals are furthered by organising arms fairs in the months of March, June, September and December. Four times a year the society publishes a magazine called ‘Wapenfeiten’.

Another important task of the society is the representation of its members at government level on the matter of laws concerning arms ownership in the Netherlands. Membership of the society is open to all nationalities.

Contact details:

The Secretary VNW
Prins Hendrikstraat 15D
3071LG Rotterdam
+ 31 (0)10 412 09 07


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N.V.B.I.W. – Edouard de Beaumont (Nederlandse Vereniging ter Bevordering en Instandhouding van Wapenverzamelingen)

Dutch Society for promotion and preservation of collections of contemporary firearms This Dutch organisation was established in 1989, to represent and unite a group of collectors of “modern” firearms.

To become a member one must be acknowledged as an educated and dedicated collector, in possession of a special permit to collect and keep firearms, and of irreproachable conduct. Some of the members are representatives of a museum.

The Society has about 150 members and is an approved (by the Department of Justice) institution. It gathers about six times a year in different parts of the country, often in a museum, for a regular meeting where members bring out there latest or most special acquisitions, socialize and give educational talks about their personal field of collection and interest. Every second year the Society organises a Symposium for members and other interested persons, such as Police officers and museum curators.

The goal of the Society is to preserve our cultural heritage of firearms (with emphasis on Dutch designed or manufactured ones though not limited to these) and to gain interest in as well as knowledge of these, to educate and establish a better understanding of the cultural, historical and technical value of firearms. It provides knowledge and information on the subject of (collectable) firearms to, amongst others, police and Justice department. It also provides a possibility for member collectors to appoint a person to take care of their heritage of arms (retention) including establishing this when wanted by mediation for membership. The society offers a limited possibility for interested people after a ballot to be trained and accompanied to become a collector.

Contact details:

NVBIW Edouard de Beaumont
The Secretary
Staniasingel 29
9062 GL Oentsjerk
The Netherlands


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